What can a year of solitude do to you? For me Blogging happened. Four years ago today!!




God, isn’t it normal to feel pain when stung?
Isn’t it normal to get mad when loved ones betray?
Yet You ask me to forgive and pray
How can I? with my wound so fresh
Let me cry first, vent out all my rage
I’ll forgive, I’ll pray
First, let me assuage
this temper and then I’ll do whatever You say.


Maybe I love you too much I forget I have
a life when I used to gaze at stars above
when I get time to talk with my alter ego
when I assumed I live in olden times
when things were simpler
when I was alone I was me, naive and content in my own company

Maybe you’ve to tell me more how often I should love my life where I switch off my gadget, imagine we never met
and forge stories about my favourite characters why they ever left
just then my cellphone sings your name and every poem every scriptline that I created
in my head evanesced I forget I too have a life
because I love you so much I cared for no apparent reason.

Goodbye Unusual 2015, #Welcome2016

At the start of 2015, I posted an article “How to Start an Unusual Lifestyle”, which was a random motivational therapy to my confused mind. But little did I know, that article prophesied how 2015 would add an unusual twist to my life.

My introvert personality was moderately changing into extrovert; and yes it was not a complete change. But there is no harm in changing perspectives once in a while. It is like deconstructing your conservative ideas; topple it down and building it again entirely opposite.

This Unusual philosophy of mine kept my single life less boring…until I got engaged by the middle of the year.

Thank you 2015 for your sweet unusual surprises…Hope 2016 will bring miracles, magic and inner healing in everyone’s lives…I am praying for that 🙂

Happy New Year to all #welcome2016 🙂 😉