A Cat Named Julie



Maybe I love you too much I forget I have
a life when I used to gaze at stars above
when I get time to talk with my alter ego
when I assumed I live in olden times
when things were simpler
when I was alone I was me, naive and content in my own company

Maybe you’ve to tell me more how often I should love my life where I switch off my gadget, imagine we never met
and forge stories about my favourite characters why they ever left
just then my cellphone sings your name and every poem every scriptline that I created
in my head evanesced I forget I too have a life
because I love you so much I cared for no apparent reason.

Yet another post on APJ Abdul Kalam..

Believe me. I am still not over it. I am seeing his posters everywhere; everyone talking his name.


I was not fanatic about him, yet I admire him enough to be termed as a fan..

I’ve not been following him very often, yet I followed his words enough to dream..

I don’t know much about him, yet his demise made me stop and think, what I know about him..

I know this is just another very tiny glimpse of that enormous legend.. Still I couldn’t rest myself without letting this out..

There are people who are honored by their identity;
But, there are few people who honour the identity..

Here’s a list of few identities he had added charm and glory to it and few classic features what made him stand out of the crowd:

A tamizhan, who never failed to feel and express the pride of it even in the international arena..

A scientist, who owned his mistakes, even when chances are given to evade them..


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The Solitary Winner

The world so small.

People of two –

I and We.

In despise, there seems none to believe

Disapprove or not –

Fights are on.

Books are many to prove things true.

If all be the captains,

Then who be the crew?

Given thousand reasons to offend you

But, I will seek out one reason to smile.

(Even if there isn’t any).

We, the crew, believe in harmony.

Even we fail, our friendship takes our pain


I, The winner wants to stand atop

To win the game –

Strike a hateful word to We,

The souls that disagree.

Yes I know all and everything,

There is none to fight me.

I am the Champion, I am the Captain

I, I, I.

In acme – holding the scepter of pride

I, the winner.

Round and round,

My head goes merry-go-round.

World is lost, all is gone.

‘I’ is alone

The winner has lost.

Little things that we are gifted,
Are more than enough to conquer the Weed.

Kingdoms Collide

I don’t have enough faith.

Sometimes as I look at what lies ahead I feel like I’m drowning.

I’m not ready. I’m not qualified.

But when I feel like I’m drowning I know who to call to.

And the little bit of faith I have… is more than enough to move mountains.

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