The C- Chip

On a calm night during my hostel life, a quirky thought struck my head, as if some story spirit got into my wits. As my friends waited, I began weaving the tale – the tale about corruption. This might sound ridiculous, but to your caution it’s just a piece of my weird imagination.

Quoting Lena Younger’s words from the play A Raisin in the Sun, “Once upon a time freedom used to be life – now it’s money. I guess the world really do change.” Yes, now it’s all about money. Money is life. Life is money. For all the free things we get, I guess our idle mind earns for more; everything for free and the one who gives these ‘freebies’ generously becomes god to everyone’s eyes; common people blindfolded. And the ‘freebies’ are just the camouflage to conceal the errors of people-in power. But the power doesn’t hold too long; when things fall apart, the center cannot hold.

“Ah this government sucks man!”

“What kind of system is this? I hate here…”

What more words could you put up to blame the government for being so snail-slow in evacuating corruption? Is the government only corrupt or we too? What could be done to censor this word “corruption” from our nation?

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Questions and arguments went by and the protests and fasts against corruption took days. This emerges to be a long process. But, what if there is a solution? And it is in the form of a microchip, specially designed for the people whose minds tempt for bribing and all corrupt, filthy things. That microchip could be implanted into every government higher official’s spinal canal. After implanting the chip into their spine, they don’t even dare to think about corruption. If they think about bribing or any illegal activity, this chip would deactivate their normal brain functioning leading to slow death. Ultimately, you could imagine that person would be in coma. Invention took no long and the name given – the C-CHIP. Bill passed. Not aware of the real threat behind, the officials took hold of this Operation Evacuate Corruption.

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

There was no special need of any committees or any specialties to find the corrupt personnel. The chip had the control and it started working. What really happened?

A man was waiting along several other citizens; to get his transfer order. Demanded lakhs by the officer, the man was wondering what to do for money. He kept on pleading to excuse the bribe as he told “I don’t have much money, Sir”. The man kept on asking for excuse. But the officer was sitting as if he is dead. The chip worked into the officer’s brain on the very moment he demanded for bribe. He was alive but showed no movements of his life except his mild breathing.

The chip was working everywhere.
All over the nation, officers dumb; pleading inside heart, “What was the need of asking
bribe when you had more than enough to live?”
Some citizens were happy to see every corrupt people traced out and some wretched to view their own people being trapped in. Does the Microchip Implantation worked against corruption or not?

One thing that the government was not aware was the repercussions that the chip would really bring in the nation. The chip was actually baited by enemy nations to take control over the country. The controlling power of the sensor microchips implanted into the country’s officers’ were diverted to the enemy nations’ hands who owned the production of those microchips. The government is in hazard zone. Who has the power ball now?

Having no further clue to weave, I stopped the tale. My friends blinked, “Nice story. What is the title of the movie?” I smiled in reply and bounced on my bed to sleep.

But then a question popped up in my head, “What if it becomes true?”