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Goodbye Unusual 2015, #Welcome2016

At the start of 2015, I posted an article “How to Start an Unusual Lifestyle”, which was a random motivational therapy to my confused mind. But little did I know, that article prophesied how 2015 would add an unusual twist to my life.

My introvert personality was moderately changing into extrovert; and yes it was not a complete change. But there is no harm in changing perspectives once in a while. It is like deconstructing your conservative ideas; topple it down and building it again entirely opposite.

This Unusual philosophy of mine kept my single life less boring…until I got engaged by the middle of the year.

Thank you 2015 for your sweet unusual surprises…Hope 2016 will bring miracles, magic and inner healing in everyone’s lives…I am praying for that 🙂

Happy New Year to all #welcome2016 🙂 😉


I remember an incident from my childhood that my father used to love reminding me of. I was about a year and a half and playing alone in my room. As my mom was busy with cooking I managed to reach the front door unnoticed and went out. Standing alone outside I could feel the fresh earth under my bare feet. The breathtaking sight of the outside world is so thrilling when you stand alone without any adult to supervise!

You might wonder what this little brat was doing outside. Well, I was on a mission: I was in search of my father. He was my hero and I was missing him a lot when he was away. He was my listener when I would babble my stupid stories that had no sense or structure. My stories would end with my nodding off to sleep close to his bosom.

My tiny mind was filled with lots of questions: Where had my dad gone? Where could he have been? Was he at his friend’s home? I knew that Uncle’s home as I had been there before. I was very sure he had gone there; he might be talking about everyday happenings that adults generally talk about. But, how will I get there? My mom was taking a shower after finishing her job of cooking and she would not notice if I went out now. So I went out in search of my father who is not just my father but my best friend too.

Well, going all the way to that Uncle’s home was not easy but I didn’t care. My eyes did not see the stones on the way – they were filled with my father’s love that I longed to have again.

Walking alone on the road, I was afraid, but I still did not wish to give up my search. There were people passing by who were staring at me. I wondered how I looked to them – a child with head shaved, wearing a petticoat, stumbling on the roadside, perhaps with no mother or father to support it.

“Oh! The sun is so warm today. I wish I could have stayed at home. The sun’s heat really burns. However when my dad comes he will buy me chocolates and cakes. It will pass away.” And so I still clung to the wall and walked toward my uncle’s home in hope of finding my father.

My father was returning from work seated in a rickshaw and saw a lonely child sticking to the roadside wall trying to move on. Could it be some labourer’s child? Could it be any of the orphans left behind? The rickshaw was getting closer and closer and suddenly my father realized it was me, his child! He jumped from the moving rickshaw and took me in his arms covering me with kisses and hugs. I was in awe, full of joy, and only my laughter came out from my heart in response to my father’s love. My bare feet felt less pain; the scorching heat did not seem to bother me anymore.

My little heart could only say – at last I found Him! Or did He find me?

How to Start an Unusual Lifestyle?

It has been over one month and ten days since the world celebrated and welcomed this year with the same gala it greeted the last year. And now we continue with our usual routine of everyday work, home, family. Our New Year resolutions may become like an ancient piece of paper in between this year’s daily hectic schedule.

I thought about something different. This 2015 will never come back again in my lifetime and I wanted to cherish every little bit piece of these moments. Be it pain or pleasure; all I get are the threads to weave different stories; colorful stories. I decided to do something unusual; unlike my usual Me; to live a lifetime that I never lived the same way. How?

So I’m writing these steps to start an unusual lifestyle; hope you’ll like it. If not, please write yours in the comment box.

  1. Having no plan is the plan:

Planning??? Why are you planning when you already know what you want. Your life is much more special and extraordinary to be penned down in words and figures. Stick to what you really want (for me its Writing) and the opportunities will come to you…in unexpected ways. Rather than planning your every move, isn’t it interesting to have a little suspense? That makes life more surprising, isn’t it? Even birds don’t plan, they initiate.

  1. Start with something you always wanted to do:

“I always wanted to do this____. But I’m afraid people will say something.”

I always want to be a successful writer but the fear kept me away from starting my own thing. Being an introvert, I’d think “My parents would kill me if I write this!” Well, if I had continued with my usual lifestyle, I wouldn’t be writing this blog.

Before your thought becomes centuries old, give it a try and let it fly. The beginning is always the toughest but initiating the thought into action is the bravest.

  1. Take a brave leap:

A few years back I fell from stairs twice and this got me fear every time I use stairs. Mostly I preferred elevator. And then one day my friend dragged me to use escalator while shopping. I decided “I’m not going to use this and fall again.  She said in anger, “Don’t be foolish. Just take a leap.” Though I was scared I got into the escalator and continued our shopping. I totally forgot about my fear. It was no more.

  1. Forget the rules:

Who made the rules first? Someone like you framed it and died. You frame your own rules for your life (and please don’t push others to follow that). Man made the rules so that he can rule and exploit his fellow-men. If rules are good thing then why there are dictators? So I tell my heart: “Forget the rules.” But that doesn’t mean I have no rules. I do have rules to keep me grounded. And changing my lifestyle to unusual doesn’t mean that I have to break my own rules.

  1. Change is good:

By change, I mean the change in attitude, change in personality, and change in routine. A little change makes your perspectives different. Getting a different haircut and a makeover might even give a new feeling about you. Seeing your change, people might think you’ve gone crazy. Sometimes, it’s okay to be crazy when the whole world celebrates craziness!