Song of Her Kiss

A grandma – for alms for love,

Piercing time, she walked in.

Giving cash, I was about

To catch my bus, of future prompt.

Halting time, trading charity

She kissed my hand.

Aboard I left.

(Korean Sijo is more or less similar to Japanese Haiku style. It is beautiful form of Korean poetry; illustrating religious and philosophical thoughts. Quite different in syllabification, Sijo has 3-4-4-4/ 3-4-4-4/ 3-5/ 4-3 syllable pattern. In Korean it has 3 lines and in English, sijos are written in 6 lines. I was curious exploring Korean literature and I thought why not I write Korean Sijo in English. This is my first sijo. Hope you folks like it. If not, it’s okay. I will keep sculpting my poetry to perfection.)