About the Blog

My mind stormed with hundreds of names and I was still in dilemma on choosing a perfect name for my blog. Having no constant title to blog on, I just decided to start writing rather than to waste time waiting for the perfect name. I picked up this name “Iryl Aurora”. There is a story too why I picked up that name.

One early morning I was in hostel, sleeping and still dreaming. And I dreamt this name ‘Iryl’ and I liked it. Then I googled and found its meaning as “play of colours”. It has been a long time but I never forgot that name. Since it carries colours in its name, I tagged ‘Aurora’ which literally means “the dawn”. So I believe this blog be ‘the dawn’ to bring ‘colours’ in your everyday life.

Blogging on poetry, places, languages, literature and personal experiences.

Thanks for visiting this blog!!!


40 thoughts on “About the Blog

  1. So thoughtful of you sweety…. Thank you so much for your suggestion dear… You are my youngest sister’s age and you’re blog is so awesome…. Its so superb…. Your language is so vivacious….God bless ya for ur future writing achievements… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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