The Solitary Winner

The world so small.

People of two –

I and We.

In despise, there seems none to believe

Disapprove or not –

Fights are on.

Books are many to prove things true.

If all be the captains,

Then who be the crew?

Given thousand reasons to offend you

But, I will seek out one reason to smile.

(Even if there isn’t any).

We, the crew, believe in harmony.

Even we fail, our friendship takes our pain


I, The winner wants to stand atop

To win the game –

Strike a hateful word to We,

The souls that disagree.

Yes I know all and everything,

There is none to fight me.

I am the Champion, I am the Captain

I, I, I.

In acme – holding the scepter of pride

I, the winner.

Round and round,

My head goes merry-go-round.

World is lost, all is gone.

‘I’ is alone

The winner has lost.


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