Lamp Within

I loved night with stars and moon,

But the dark it owned dulled my mind.

I thought thoughts deep

Clad in pessimism, off to sleep.

Mind unhinged and spirit isolated

Away from God, soul imprisoned.

But the dark has to go for the Light has come

Flame of the warming sun.

Healing inwards and the new Self awakes

Mercy of God liquidates –

the hard


welded to the soul

‘Cause in me He dwells and faith –

What is unseen is the belief.


13 Replies to “Lamp Within”

  1. I believe simply looking at a night sky we can write a thousand is that beautiful.Yes god and belief go hand in hand.
    Ente blogil vannadinu orupadu santhosham.guess the language 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🙂 I know its not easy but it is simple… Just because I was focused on learning it I didnot care about its difficulty… I was the only Tamil in the class of all malayalis… I was only twelve then…I forced myself to learn it…Guess I did right 😉 Now I know the language 😉


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