What a Woman Wants, What a Woman Needs

Photo Courtesy: Bezy



what a woman wants, what a woman needs
Are two different things
She thinks in her head something
She says in her mouth some other thing
She feels in her heart some other
And the whole world thinks
She is just – a thing.

of rebellious –
docile water,
tide; whatever
I am

you are your own child, you are your own mother, and you are your own love
in the ocean of the seas, you are the only one to be – the pearl of mysteries
do you want to be equal to man? Or do you just envy the power of his muscles?
what a stupid to ask such a question! not a woo(man) nor a woe(man) but a wow
you are a different mortal born out of stronger bone with soft marrow
you are not equal to him; a scarce being, you are a gift to the mankind
what gift of humanity are you! to say so you must be different from him,
you are the rarest of the rare; innate psyche of empathy, brimming vibes in one.


7 Replies to “What a Woman Wants, What a Woman Needs”

  1. It was my first post while reading your blog but I am commenting now. one thing I am sure you have depths in you. whatever you are male or female first embrace your inner quality, there is no need to be someone else….

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