Olive Green Eyes

What persuades me to dream of green eyes is a mystery

Green eyes; olive-green eyes

In the paintings, drawings and Hollywood movies

You see green eyes but not in real land of red earth

Exceptionally – somewhere some children are born;

With green eyes may be blue or perhaps in gray too

Foreign genes mixed out in natives

Green eyes are mystery

What was the colour of Jesus’ eyes?

Green or blue? Perhaps green as for the Jews it seems

Or maybe brown to look as a complete Asian

Green Eyes I wanted to meet in real

And I met one day, on the university way

Green eyes on a Caucasian face.

I looked back. Yes, those were Green Eyes indeed.

Another day, on the way to a shop

Green Eyes on the roadside, holding cigarette

My black eyes aghast; the green eyes getting hurt by the smoke;

Green eyes – Eyes that I am fond of, becoming red as the sunset sun

How a survivor’s heart reforms!

Likeness to hurt; hurt to hatred, hatred to anger

My black eyes turned away and looked above,

Perhaps I should dream of blue eyes, beautiful Irish Blue eyes…


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