Olympian Woman

A poem commenting on the sexist coverage of female athletes’ achievements in Rio Olympics 2016

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Hellow my blogger friends,

Iryl Aurora is back with a change in her mind and a change in her domain too. Sorry guys for not posting things for months. I’m back to my senses after months (I’m kidding. I was just goofing around 😛 ) Please keep following my blog and contact me for any suggestions and guest posts. Thank you 🙂… Continue reading Hellow my blogger friends,

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Lifestyle · Philosophy for Life

Goodbye Unusual 2015, #Welcome2016

At the start of 2015, I posted an article “How to Start an Unusual Lifestyle”, which was a random motivational therapy to my confused mind. But little did I know, that article prophesied how 2015 would add an unusual twist to my life. My introvert personality was moderately changing into extrovert; and yes it was… Continue reading Goodbye Unusual 2015, #Welcome2016

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Speculative Fiction

The C- Chip

On a calm night during my hostel life, a quirky thought struck my head, as if some story spirit got into my wits. As my friends waited, I began weaving the tale – the tale about corruption. This might sound ridiculous, but to your caution it’s just a piece of my weird imagination. Quoting Lena Younger’s words from the play… Continue reading The C- Chip

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